Best Buccaneers games Tom Brady is most likely to call for FOX, ranked

Tom Brady could be in the booth for multiple Buccaneers games in 2024.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

A familiar face could be in the booth for multiple Tampa Bay Buccaneers games this season as Tom Brady prepares to begin his role as an announcer for FOX.

Brady replaces Greg Olsen as part of FOX's number one broadcast crew and will feature on America's Game of the Week alongside Kevin Burkhardt, Erin Andrews, and Tom Rinaldi.

FOX Sports has already announced several of the games Brady will call this season—none featuring the Buccaneers—but many remain undecided. There are several weeks when the Bucs play on FOX and could feature on America's Game of the Week.

We've looked at each possibility and ranked the five Bucs games Brady is most likely to call.

Ranking Buccaneers games Tom Brady is most likely to call for FOX

5. Buccaneers at Chargers (Week 15)

The Bucs and Chargers are slated to meet at 4:25 p.m. ET in Week 15. It should be an interesting matchup between two playoff contenders who don't play against each other often, and there's the added Jim Harbaugh factor to add more intrigue.

There isn't too much competition from the other FOX games that week. Are any of Jets-Jaguars, Cowboys-Panthers, Commanders-Saints, or Bengals-Titans a better matchup? FOX may choose Steelers-Eagles, which is already scheduled to kick off at 4:25 p.m.

4. Buccaneers vs. Eagles (Week 4)

Tom Brady to call a playoff rematch? The Bucs destroyed the Eagles in the wild-card round in January, but a bounce-back season from Philadelphia is to be expected.

It would certainly be an interesting early-season matchup, but there is competition for America's Game of the Week. The Saints meet the Falcons in an NFC South battle, but the best pick could be an intriguing matchup between the Rams and Bears at Soldier Field.

3. Buccaneers at Lions (Week 2)

Another playoff rematch is the Buccaneers' trip to Ford Field in Week 2. The Lions are a popular primetime pick this season, so it would make sense for FOX to send their top broadcast crew to Detroit for this game.

And there isn't much competition from the other games FOX has that week. Bucs-Lions looks to be a far more interesting matchup than the Saints' trip to Dallas, Indianapolis at Green Bay, or the Giants taking on the Commanders.

2. Buccaneers vs. Falcons (Week 8)

There are other interesting matchups that FOX could go with in Week 8, but Buccaneers-Falcons is one of the best. This could have a huge impact on the NFC South standings, with Atlanta and Tampa Bay likely competing for the division title.

It will be the second meeting of these two teams, with the other taking place on Thursday Night Football in Week 5. The rivalry and potential playoff implications add plenty of interest and could draw FOX's top broadcast team.

1. Buccaneers vs. 49ers (Week 10)

How about Brady calling a game between the team he won a Super Bowl with and the team that wanted him to come out of retirement to play for them? The 49ers are arguably the best team in the NFC, making this a huge challenge for the Buccaneers, even at home.

And it's easily the most interesting matchup FOX has to offer in Week 10. The other games are Patriots-Bears, Vikings-Jaguars, Falcons-Saints, and Titans-Chargers.

Yeah, it feels like Brady is coming home for this one.

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