Buccaneers drop massive hint that Creamsicle uniforms are returning in 2024

We might have gotten an early hint that the creamsicles are coming back this season.
Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be wearing their throwback creamsicle uniforms again in 2024?
Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be wearing their throwback creamsicle uniforms again in 2024? / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans had to wait a decade for the team to bring back its creamsicle throwbacks, but it doesn’t seem like the next wait will be as long.

While some fans might prefer that, considering the uniforms seem to be cursed, we all got a pretty big teaser that the Bucs are planning on bring back the creamsicles this season. It would mark the second straight season we’ve seen them, and it almost behooves Tampa Bay to bust them out after making such a big deal about the rollout last season.

The Bucs rolled out the red carpet for the creamsicle reveal, and went even further to turn back the clock at Raymond James Stadium on game day. A hype video was released, the return was celebrated by the team, and the Bucs leaned all the way into the lore of the creamsicles — right up to losing while wearing them.

Maybe that’s even more reason to bring them back and try to change the perception around what some believe are the best throwbacks in football.

Buccaneers drop massive hint that creamsicle uniforms are coming back

While nothing official has been announced, the Bucs are using the creamsicles as part of their media day photoshoot. Rookie running back Bucky Irving was seen wearing a throwback while posing for a picture, presumably to feature on the video board during the creamsicle game.

Again, nothing has been announced but you do the math and connect the dots.

That certainty doesn’t seem like something the Bucs would do if they didn’t intend on wearing the creamsicles this season. The quesiton then becomes which game makes sense to potentially bust them out?

It’s possible that the Bucs wear them for a game against an NFC South rival, but don’t count out a Monday Night game against the Ravens as another option. Last year Tampa Bay wore the creamsicles for a late afternoon game against the Detroit Lions, which leaned into the true throwback theme of incorporating the old NFC Central days.

We’ll have to wait for something official from the team, but it certainly seems the creamsicles are coming back for second straight season.

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