Who is under the most pressure for Bucs in 2023?

Players, coaches and more will all need to step up for Tampa to succeed this year.
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Baker Mayfield, QB

Coming into your 4th NFL team to replace a departing Tom Brady might be all I need to say here for pressure.

Mayfield has massive shoes to fill but it would also be unreasonable to expect him to be Brady. However, this is the most talent that Baker has had around him in his career. Combined with new OC Dave Canales' friendly scheme, he has never been set up for success like this before.

He is playing on the defintion of a one-year prove it deal. If he and the Tampa offense flops, that might be the final chance Mayfield gets as as an NFL starter.

If he can channel his play from 2020, this offense and team could do some damage. The Bucs will be hoping he find the potential that saw him taken No. 1 overall.

Tristan Wirfs, LT

Having Wirfs on this list is not an indictment on him whatsoever. It just outlines the massive importance he has on the Buccaneers offense. With All-Pro Center Ryan Jensen being sidelined once again, Wirfs becomes the sole remaining elite level talent on the line.

Call it unlucky timing, but this all comes with the backdrop of his swtich from Right Tackle to Left Tackle. A move that has caused him so much angst he saw a sports psychologist to help deal with it.

There is no denying both the football abilities and his physical gifts. If he can channel both and hit the ground running, that could be huge for early season offensive production. Baker's blindside will be all the more grateful as well.

Devin White, LB

This is fairly simple. If you demand more money and ask to be traded somewhere to get it, when the time comes, you need to walk the walk.

White is still one of the best young linebackers in the league. However, he will need to take his game to yet another level in 2023. Last year he surpassed 120+ tackles for the third consecutive season.

Yet, only 73 of those were solo tackles which was his lowest since he was a rookie. He hasn't recorded an interception since his rookie year either. He needs to take the next step in forcing turnovers and wrecking plays on his own.

He has all the tools you could want in an NFL linebacker. He talked the talked and has since apologized for how he went about things. No matter how you shake it, he needs to become a game breaker on defense.

These are just the big names that are feeling the most heat as we inch closer to opening kickoff, but make no mistake, the 2023 Buccaneers will be a team that needs everyone to step up in order to succeed.

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