Jason Licht told an incredible story about the moment Mike Evans decided to re-sign with Buccaneers

As if Mike Evans coming back wasn't already great, the story of how it happened makes it even better.

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Last Friday it was reported that Mike Evans was planning on testing free agency and would be as close as he's ever been to leaving the only franchise he's played for. Three days later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had an agreement in place for Evans to return, as the man himself put it, home.

Evans spoke at a press conference on Friday, a week after it was reported he'd test the market, not only officially announcing his return to the Bucs but saying just about everything fans wanted to hear.

"It's very rare to stay with a team for the entirety of your career, and that was a big goal of mine," Evans said. "Tampa, I love y'all."

He wasn't the only one at the podium, as general manager Jason Licht was right next to him in what was a perfect personification of the relationship between the two men. Licht's first draft pick was Evans, something he said helped make up for a lot of early mistakes on his part, and he got emotional in describing what it meant to have his guy back.

Licht also told an incredible story about the moment he found out Evans was going to re-sign with the Buccaneers.

Jason Licht reveals incredible story of the moment Mike Evans decided to re-sign with Buccaneers

Evans briefly touched on how close he came to testing free agency but reiterated the story that has been floating around that he decided over the weekend to change his mind and return.

Licht took things a step further, adding one of the best anecdotes to the whole situation we could have hoped for.

"I was standing at the bar talking to Wayne Gretzky, without knowing I was talking to Wayne Gretzky for about two minutes. And I had to take a phone call," Licht said. "I went outside and Deryk and Darren, Mike's agents, had agreed to terms. I went back in and was fist pumping and all that and I told Wayne Gretzky that we had just signed Mike back."

As if the story wasn't already great, Licht added the cherry on top.

"[Gretzky] said 'oh he's a great one', and I thought that was pretty cool for The Great One to say [Evans] is a great one," Licht said.

That's how the press conference ended, and it feels like there wasn't a better way to tie a bow around the whole saga. Mike Evans is back in Tampa Bay, and he returns not only as the greatest offensive player in franchise history but with a real shot to have his name considered among the other Great Ones to have played his position.

He'll be making that case in a Buccaneers uniform, and nobody would have it any other way.

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