Could a Buccaneers player land on the cover of Madden 25?

Which Buccaneers player could appear on the cover of Madden 25 this year?
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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On June 11th we will find out who will be on the cover of Madden 25, and the list is pretty endless as far as who the player could be.

There are obvious -- and easy -- choices that makes sense. Patrick Mahomes, who has already been on the cover although he shared it with Tom Brady, is a candidate since he's the face of the league. His teammate Travis Kelce, who is suddenly one of the most marketable athletes in sports, also makes sense as an option.

Justin Jefferson just signed the richest contract for a wide receiver in NFL history and also happens to be one of the most recognizable players in the game. Lest we forget Aaron Rodgers is preparing to mount a huge comeback with the Jets and could kick that off by becoming the second Packers quarterback to join the Jets and make the Madden cover.

The point is, there are a ton of options but what about someone from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Could a Buccaneers player land on the cover of Madden 25?

There has only been one Buccaneers player to appear on the cover of a Madden game and it was Tom Brady back in 2022. It's sort of cheating to have Brady be the one player who represented the Bucs, but he was hot off a Super Bowl and will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

Part of what helped Baker Mayfield stand out so much in his revival year last season was how he followed in Brady's footsteps while charting his own path. He turned in one of the best seasons of his career so far, completely rebuilding his reputation and earning both a new contract and the keys to the job as the Bucs franchise quarterback.

What better way to place a cherry on top of last season's success than to have Baker as the cover athlete this year?

Another Buccaneers offensive star makes sense as a Madden cover athlete and it's a little surprising he hasn't made it yet. Mike Evans has long been underrated as a superstar in the NFL, and putting him on the cover of Madden would be one of the final steps in coronating him as a legend.

Evans is a future Hall of Famer who continues to build a strong case for Canton, going over 1,000 yards for a tenth straigh season last year. Had he hit free agency he would have been the No. 1 wide receiver on the market and arguably the top player available.

He wanted to be a Buc for life, which means there's time to make him the second Buccaneers player to ever appear on the cove of Madden.

Antoine Winfield Jr. deserves some love too, as he was arguably the best player on the Bucs roster last season by a wide margin. He made a habit of punching the ball out at the exact right time and became the highest-paid safety in NFL history this offseason.

The only issue with naming Winfield the Madden cover athlete is that defensive players almost never get that sort of attention, even if it's warranted.

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