Tampa Bay Buccaneers Starter jacket is more than just a fashion statement

Wearing the creamsicle colors is a badge of honor.


It's the start of a new season and the dawn of a new era for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. While the Bucs got off to a hot start in Week 1, the success came against the backdrop of an offseason in which the team was buried more times than we could count.

That's nothing new for the Bucs, though. Throughout the team's history, the Bucs have oftentimes been pushed aside as an afterthought. Two periods of darkness eventually gave birth to some of the happiest times Bucs fans have ever experienced, but the fan base has never forgotten where it came from or how hard the journey has been.

This year the Bucs are bringing back their vintage creamsicle uniforms, the ones the franchise wore from its inception in 1976 until the mid-90s. They've run the gamut over the years, from being considered eye sores at first to eventually being embraced as fashionable and iconic.

With the creamsicles back, HOMAGE is bringing the old-school Stater jackets back as well, which truly rank high among the things Bucs fans can use to show off just how hardcore and dedicated they are to the cause.

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers Starter jackets are so ridiculously clean

It's warm in Tampa Bay, and jacket weather really never rolls around for long in Florida. That doesn't mean you can't have some ice cold style with the new NFL Starter jackets from HOMAGE.

These bad boys are technically new, but they're a proper blast from the past that will accomlish a few different things when you wear one. For starters -- no pun intended -- they just flat out look really cool. The creamsicle colors are perfect for the upcoming throwback back the Bucs have scheduled for Week 5 against the Detroit Lions, but it also shows you have respect for the past and all that the franchise has been through.

For most franchises, getting to their roots is an almost religious practice but for the Bucs it's a bit trickier. Tampa Bay doesn't have the hallowed history that teams like the Bears, Steelers, or Cowboys have as the Bucs origins are best remembered for how little the team won.

There's a pride in being a Bucs fan -- a true Bucs fan -- and it's a badge to show off the scars of the past and all that we've endured throughout the years. The creamsicle color is more than just a fashion statement, it's a code of honor.

A new season provides hope for every team, and it's always fun to kick things off in style. That's where the beautiful NFL Starter Jackets by HOMAGE come in. Head over to Homage to pick up your Tampa Bay Buccaneers Starter jacket today.

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