Martin Mondays: Doug Martin Reverses Field Against the Titans

We begin our celebration of Doug Martin with “Martin Mondays”.  Here is the first in a sixteen week series featuring great runs by Martin from 2015.

Doug Martin went through a resurgence in 2015, finishing second in the NFL with 1,402 yards rushing.  After a couple of down years due to injury, Martin was back, and more than earned his contract to remain with the Buccaneers.

Starting this morning, we are going to celebrate his great season with “Martin Mondays”.  Each week, for the next sixteen, we are going to highlight a great run that Martin posted in 2015, one from each game of the season.

Today we start with the opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Screenshots courtesy of NFL Gamepass.

This run comes from the first quarter of the season opener.  The Bucs had just come off of a 14 yard gain by Martin and are set up just inside Titans’ territory.

Martin Two

Martin is lined up in the off-set “I” formation behind Jameis WinstonAustin Seferian-Jenkins has come in motion from left to right across the formation, set up off the line.  At the snap, Martin will take the handoff and follow the red line off of the right side, led by Storm Johnson (#36).

To try to achieve a bit of mis-direction, Russell Shepard (#89) is going to come around from his wide receiver position from right to left.  Winston is going to fake a reverse, trying to take attention away from Martin.  Let’s see how it unfolded.

Martin Three

Here we are just after the handoff, and Martin is looking to take the ball off of the right side, as the play was designed.  Jameis is about to execute the fake reverse to Shepard.  Let’s see if it helped.

Martin Four

At the outset, it’s not looking so good for Dougie.  On the right side, there appears to be no room to run.  The holes are all plugged up.  But, look inside the blue box, and count up how many Titans are around Martin.  The answer is nine.  That leaves the top of the screen wide open.  If Martin can reverse his field and get to the edge, there are yards to be gained.

Now, we see the great vision and speed of Martin.

Martin Five


Martin has beat everyone to the outside.  However, the edge is not sealed off yet.  Da’Norris Searcy (#21), in the blue circle, still has a play on Martin.  But not if Russell Shepard has anything to say about it (red circle).  He is lining Searcy up to make the block and spring Martin for a big gain.

Martin Six


Shepard makes the key block, and Martin uses his speed to take care of the rest all by himself.

Martin Seven

Fourteen yards later, it’s first down for the Bucs and a big run for Dougie.


Doug Martin was everything we expected of him and more in 2015.  That’s why we celebrate his work on “Martin Mondays”!

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